Setting Up a New PC

Did you get a New Computer for Christmas? Have you set it up properly?


Many people do not realize that new PCs are not ready to go out of the box. They typically require a few precautionary changes before you should actually use them.

Here is a list of things that are recommended:

-Download and Install Windows Updates

-Install or Activate Proper Virus Protection

-Create a System Restore Point in case a repair is needed

-Set up a proper Network Connection and Protection

-Store a copy of your Windows Activation Key

-Remove Adware or other junk programs that came preinstalled

-Most importantly create a Standard User Account for everyday computer use (save the Administrative Account for Repairs and Updates)

While some of these items may seem easy to do, others may be more difficult for some people. As always Reasy Computer Services is here to help with setting up your New Computer at any time! Give us a call: 814-977-5101


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